Tax Haven Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the European continent. In the territory,  four (4) main languages are spoken; French, German, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland has a very modern economy and very low taxes when compared to many of the world’s more developed countries. The country has an estimated population of 7.3 million inhabitants. For many decades Switzerland has been known as a tax haven for wealthy Europeans and persons from other countries in the world. Since tax havens have become more popular, the offshore client base in the tax haven has increased. Switzerland has a very stable offshore banking sector which is known as one of the best in the world.

Switzerland offers the incorporation of offshore companies. Many of the world’s biggest companies have moved their companies to the tax haven of Switzerland to take advantage of the tax savings that the tax haven offers. Nonresident companies incorporated in Switzerland are subjected to corporate taxes if they have no real estate and business partners in the country or permanent establishments. Taxes in Switzerland are based on the rates in the different zones called Cantons therefore the taxes will depend on the Canton in which the company is incorporated. Business companies can take advantage of taxation levels and exemptions available in Switzerland and have their corporate taxes reduced considerably.

Offshore companies incorporated in the tax haven of Switzerland are not obligated to file accounting records and financial statements with the Registrar of companies. The financial statements of nonresident companies in Tax haven Switzerland must be filed for tax purposes with the Swiss tax authorities. This means that these types of companies in the tax haven of Switzerland are afforded their privacy which is very important in tax havens around the world. Switzerland offshore companies are encouraged to keep their financial records for the benefit of the company shareholders. An offshore corporation in the tax haven of Switzerland needs only two (2) shareholders at incorporation. One director is need for incorporation of offshore companies tax haven Switzerland.

The tax haven of Switzerland was made famous for its offshore banking. The Swiss are known to have introduced Banking Secrecy Laws as far back as 1934. The Swiss are well known around the world as the leaders in providing private offshore banking services. Switzerland has an array of banks which provides offshore banking to clients from around the world. The headquarters for many prominent offshore banks are located in Switzerland.

As a tax haven Switzerland provides very private banking services to clients. Although anonymous offshore bank accounts are unheard of these days the Swiss are still able to provide to quality privacy for clients. In the tax haven of Switzerland banking information is very private. Information in Swiss bank accounts cannot be divulged without the consent of the bank account holder. Giving out confidential bank account information is deemed a criminal offense in the tax haven of Switzerland. The consequences for going against banking secrecy in the tax haven of Switzerland are usually prison time or monetary fines. Bank workers in Switzerland are expected to sign a bank secrecy oath.

In the tax haven of Switzerland offshore bank accounts owned by non residents which are also called offshore bank accounts are not tax. Interest gained by offshore bank accounts in the tax haven of Switzerland is tax free. This allows the offshore bank account to increase. Swiss bank accounts in the tax haven of Switzerland are not subjected to estate taxes, inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes or stamp duty.

The tax haven of Switzerland has for many years been a hub for financial activities amongst the world’s wealthiest people. Switzerland as a tax haven provides top quality asset protection for clients who invest their capitals in the tax haven. Swiss banking provides very secure asset protection which can come in handy these days when the state of the economy seems to be on everyone’s mind. Swiss offshore bank accounts can be established for corporations and private individuals in the tax haven of Switzerland. Offshore banking services offered in the tax haven of Switzerland are banking by telephone and fax, debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts in multi currency, wealth management and bank account management services among others.

The tax haven of Switzerland offers privacy for clients. This tax haven characteristic is highly regarded around the world and cannot be compared to that of other tax havens because of its excellence. The tax haven of Switzerland also provides client with sure and legal means of reducing on their taxes. The tax haven of Switzerland is stable economically and politically and has a stable financial sector with it’s its investor friendly environment makes the tax haven a perfect place to invest. The tax haven of Switzerland can provide its clients asset protection which will keep their assets in the tax haven safe from creditors.

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