Tax Haven Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is situated in the Southwest Indian Ocean on the coast of the continent of Africa. The Republic of Mauritius also includes the islands of Rodrigues, Agalega, and St Brandon. Mauritius forms part of a group of islands called the Mascarene Islands. The official language spoken in Mauritius is English. Mauritius has over the years has grown into a very respectable tax haven and an offshore jurisdiction. Mauritius has exceptional offshore services such as offshore banking and banking services, insurance, the registration of ships and vessels, investment fund management and the incorporation of Mauritius Global Business Company Category II (GBC II) or offshore company.

The offshore tax haven of Mauritius has all the right conditions which are conducive for encouraging investments to grow. These same conditions also make the offshore jurisdiction qualify as a tax haven. Mauritius as a tax haven has no taxes for offshore companies and offshore bank accounts; the jurisdiction provides confidentiality and privacy for both individuals and corporations and has laws which allow flexibility.

Tax haven Mauritius allows for the incorporation of different types of companies including the Mauritius Global Business Company I and the Mauritius Global Business Company II. For taxation purposes the category I business company is regarded as a resident company whiles the type II business company can be referred to as an offshore company. A Mauritius Global Business Company type II cannot do any business in the tax haven of Mauritius and consequently it does not pay any local taxes. Since this type of business companies does no business in Mauritius its foreign earnings are not taxed locally. Also there is no capital gains tax levied in tax haven Mauritius.

The tax haven of Mauritius has top quality offshore banks with services such as multi currency accounts, bank accounts for both corporations and individuals, debit and credits cards are also issued. Offshore banking in tax haven Mauritius offers clients a tax free environment for investing capital. Offshore bank account holders at offshore banks in the tax haven of Mauritius can be assured that interest gained in such bank accounts is not taxed.

The tax haven of Mauritius believes in protecting the privacy of offshore clients and has put many factors in place to ensure that this is done. When incorporating a Mauritius Global Business Company II o r offshore company in Mauritius there is no need to disclose the names or information about the company beneficial owners. When filing company information this is not made public record. The beneficial owners of offshore companies in tax haven can also choose to incorporate a company with the use of nominee shareholders and nominee directors as a means of providing additional privacy. Only one shareholder and one director is need for incorporation of Mauritius Global Business Company II. The director of an offshore company in tax haven Mauritius can be a corporation or individual.

Offshore corporations in tax haven Mauritius are allowed to keep the financial statements and records private. In the tax haven of Mauritius companies who do no business sin the territory are not mandated by law to present their annual financial statements to any government authority in the tax haven. The Mauritius Global Business Companies Type II can keep their accounting records for the purpose of knowing the financial status of the company. The accounting records of Global Business Companies II incorporated in the tax haven of Mauritius can be kept with the company’s registered agent or anywhere in or out of tax haven Mauritius.

Mauritius has developed and gained respect in the world as a top offshore tax haven because of its strict legislature. Mauritius offshore banking laws makes provisions for banking privacy for offshore bank account holders in the tax haven. In the tax haven of Mauritius all information regarding offshore bank account is private. According to legislation anyone who is caught disclosing information regarding offshore bank account holder and offshore bank accounts will be penalized.

Mauritius offshore legislation allows flexibility for offshore companies in the tax haven. Mauritius offshore companies are very easy to manage since the director and shareholder can be the same person. In the offshore tax haven of Mauritius there is no exchange controls in place at present. This makes it easy for a Mauritius Global Business Company II to take advantage of trading opportunities. No exchange controls means that funds can be transferred from offshore bank accounts and corporations without many limitations.

The tax havens of the world are known for having little or low taxes, providing privacy and efficient services. The tax haven of Mauritius has all the above mentioned factors in place allowing the offshore jurisdiction to compete effectively with many other offshore jurisdictions in the world. The tax haven of Mauritius gives clients security and stability.

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